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Privacy Policy

If you visit our website to get information or download data from our pages, the following information is collected and stored by us.

  1. The domain name from which you are using internet.
  2. The time and date you use our website.
  3. The information about the internet address of the site you utilized to connect directly to our website.

If you find yourself by sharing us an email involving personal data, then the data gathered will be only used to reply to your email message.

The information assimilated is only for statistical purposes. Technoedusuite may utilize software programs to develop summary statistics that are executed for purpose such as identifying the number of visitors using different pages or sections of our website; the information which is of most interest and least interest to the users, recognizing technical design terms and locating system problem areas and performance.

To ensure security of the site and make sure our service is available to all of our users, Technoedusuite implements software programs in order to regulate network traffic to locate unofficial endeavors to change or upload information or else cause damage.

Technoedusuite will not gather personally-classifying details about you while your visit to our website, except you want to offer such data to us, nor will such data be sold or else shared to unaffiliated third parties devoid of user’s approval at the time of information collection.

As a trustable school or college management software provider, Technoedusuite will gather and save user-generated information to various members of the school’s group. This may consist of personal data of the users like names, phone numbers, addresses, date of birth, phone numbers, photos, academic records and soon. This user created information is maintained securely in our servers with customary security protocols to safeguard user’s privacy, and is made accessible only to approved users of your school or educational institution, unless needed by federal/state laws or obligated by a court order.

For any questions or queries regarding the terms of privacy policy, please mail support@technoedusuite.com.